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Gaspésie offers you its spectacular landscapes! Land shaped by water and mountains, Gaspésie awaits you to discover its hidden treasures. Let the national parks, beaches and diversified flora and fauna inspire you. Hope to see you soon!

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Gaspe colonization

Gaspé is a heterogeneous territory.Its history began with the native Micmacs who occupied the peninsula, 2500 years ago. The French arrived to take advantage of the sea fauna. The admiral Phipps badly saw the presence of the French on what he considered as his own territory and destroyed all installations in 1690.

The strong French came back in the XVIIIth century, followed by Acadians. The area has known a demographic boom with the Loyalists, Bretons, Basques, English, etc. found refuge, work and homeland.

Gaspe in the last century was a fishing region.
The Robin company exploited, their business durining a centurry and fishermen, with an advance system that didn't let fishermen to get a better life.

Lobster, salmon and cod, are still the amatear's delight.


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