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Tourist Guide of Quebec

Gaspésie offers you its spectacular landscapes! Land shaped by water and mountains, Gaspésie awaits you to discover its hidden treasures. Let the national parks, beaches and diversified flora and fauna inspire you. Hope to see you soon!

Visit Gaspesie

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Prefabricated home of Quebec


Ile Bonaventure
The Gaspesians are filled with human warmth and invite visitors to discover
a region where the nature sins only by its excess of beauty.

Gaspe Particularities

Gaspé is a heterogeneous territory whose story began with the American Indian Micmacs who occupied the peninsula, 2500 years ago. Afterwards, the French, Acadians, Loyalists, Bretons, Basques, English, etc. found refuge, work and homeland.

To get to know these pioneers better, visits to the museums, the interpretation centers and historic sites are a must. In Gaspe, each municipality has a particular accent, due in part of the diversity of the first occupants.

The Gaspe region is well-known for its "Rocher Percé", with an exceptional size. Proudly facing the sea, this giant was sculpted by the sides and offers an astonishing contrast to the thoses and of visitors who come each year.


Rocher Percé

Phare Besides the "Rocher Percé", this region offers magnificient landscapes, beaches with fine sand that invites swimmers, unique ancestral houses, the scent of the sea, and the singing of birds. Gaspe also hides underground attractions: the oldest caves in Quebec, some half a million years old, or an authentic Gallery copper is available for those about to practice speleology in a secure way.

Région de la Gaspésie
A hearty region

Gaspe is a very appreciated tourist destination offering many activities.
The big thrill fans are as well served as those of a calmer nature searching for peace and tranquility.
Several theaters, art galleries and craft boutiques contribute to help make your stay in Gaspé the most pleasant possible. Furthermore, there are thalassotherapy centers (health spas) that contribute to your well being.

On the gastronomical side, the regional specialties are prepared with the products of the sea. You have many choice of accomodations. Whatever your choice,welcome and comfort will be assured.

Gare centrale

The Gaspe Peninsula is divided into five different sub-regions:
  • The Coast (La Côte)
  • Upper Gaspe (La Haute-Gaspésie)
  • Land's End (La Pointe)
  • Bay of Chaleur(La Baie-des-Chaleurs)
  • The Valley (La Vallée)
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