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Tourist Guide of Quebec

Gaspésie offers you its spectacular landscapes! Land shaped by water and mountains, Gaspésie awaits you to discover its hidden treasures. Let the national parks, beaches and diversified flora and fauna inspire you. Hope to see you soon!

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Gaspé has several important parks, outfitters, ZEC (Zone d'Exploitation Contrôlé) and about 20 salmon rivers.

  • The provincial park of Gaspé is a jewel of 802 km2, where the potential varies with the altitude; from boreal forests to subalpine forests, to tundra and much more. With a little luck, it will be possible to see a herd of wood caribous who like to live at the top of the mountains.

  • The Forillon national park marks the end of the chain of the Appalachian mountains, which have their roots in the southern United-States. The scenery was modeled, millions of years ago, by the action of the waves combined with the power of erosion.

  • The provincial park of l'Ile-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé offers a breath taking view. More than 200,000 birds nest on the island, including a colony of Fous de Bassan; an ornithologists' dream.

  • The conservation park of Miguasha is the rendez vous of paleontologists. Spores, plants, invertebrates and 23 species of fossil fish are imprinted in stone.

This region offers landscapes
that become with warm colors when winter arrives.

The Jardins des Métis will have the horticulturists delighted. Helped by the micro-climate, the horticultural environment regroups approximatively 800 species and plant varieties. A feast for the eyes!



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