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The Portal of Quebec - Lac-Saint-Jean Saguenay
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Tourist Guide of Quebec

Welcome in the Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean region! Let this region surprise you by its hidden treasures. The impressive lake, the majestic fjord, the numerous attractions and the warm welcome of the inhabitants will seduce you. Hope to see you soon!

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Prefabricated home of Quebec

Saguenay Lac St-Jean
The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean has two unique water ways: the Saguenay river which runs along the bed of the only navigable fjord in North America and lake Saint-Jean, a real inland sea of more than 35 km in diameter. Stretching over roughly 100,000 km2, this region offers numerous parks and outfitter clubs. The plains are surrounded by verdant mountains and the high plateaus offer breathtaking sceneries. The region is surrounded by Charlevoix and Côte-Nord Tourist Regions. If you enter by the "La route du Fjord", the "Haut-Saguenay" and "Lac-Saint-Jean" sectors will follow.

© Copyright Auberge du Jardin, Petit Saguenay
© Copyright Auberge du Jardin

Charming villages, perfectly integrated in nature.

The "must see" "Tadoushak" is a part of our heritage. In 1600 it was the first official furs trading post, and now it's the first north american city member of the "Club des plus belles baies du monde". When we think about Tadoussac, pictures of cruises and whales come to mind, followed by scents of the marine Park, bird songs, and flights of birds of prey. The escarpments are astonishing. Our eyes aren't big enough to see all of nature's beauty.
Petit-Saguenay, floral village, where people welcome you with open arms, offer water activities centered on the river that flows through the village and others, such as Horseback riding or Guided Tours. When winter comes, the Holiday Period is enhanced by 150 giant Christmas cards ! It's time for Winter sports: Snowmobiling, Dogsledding, Snowshoeing...

© Copyright Auberge du Jardin, Petit Saguenay
© Copyright Auberge du Jardin
Petit-Saguenay Village

L'Anse-Saint-Jean Member of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec network. Tucked at the feet of impressing mountains, L'Anse Saint-Jean proposes a beautiful window on the Saguenay Fjord. Leave route 170, come into the village and discover the picturesque architecture of the ancestral houses and the covered bridge. Enjoy the many activities offered: cruises and sea kayaking on the fjord, horse riding, hiking in the Saguenay National Park, salmon and sea trout fishing, bicycle riding on trails. On the belvedere at Anse-de-Tabatière, you will be dazzled by panoramic view on the Saguenay river. Pay a visit to the boutique of professional ceramist Heidi Scheimann and to the "Villages en Couleurs" provincial Symposium in October. In the evening, folk singers wait for you at the Bistro de l'Anse. In the wintertime, the village livens up around ice fishing, snowmobile, Nordic cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding and dog sledding. Go down 450 meters high slopes at Mont-Edouard! L'Anse-Saint-Jean also offers a wide choice of accommodation and an impressive quality of catering.
L'Anse-Saint-Jean is part of The Most Beautiful Villages in Quebec Association and Sainte-Rose-du-Nord that attracts some of our artists, they will bring out the poet in you! Saint-Félix-d'Otis attracts movie producers who look for unspoiled land. The "route du Vieux-Chemin" brings you to an old site left behind after the shooting of numerous movies. During summertime, our ancestors come back to life and make you discover their old way of life.
Peribonkap La Baie is a superb city where the energy and enthousiasm of its inhabitants are everlasting since "La fabuleuse Histoire d'un Royaume" performances, mainly played by local artists for over 10 years, still enjoy a high degree of popularity during the summer season. Each year, some 200 comedians get together to tell "their story".


Where urban life, nature and wildlife evolve in a perfect harmony.

This sector has 2 main cities: Chicoutimi and Jonquière. A cycling path links both cities. Surrounding urban centers are located, sometimes at the foot of a mountain, sometimes on the shore of a river. All havens of peace yours to discover.

Chicoutimi . . . and its main attractions :
  • The harbour area which is very busy during summer;
  • the secure village;
  • The Chicoutimi Pulp, which is actually, a park, a site and a museum;
  • The Centre Historique des Soeurs du Bon-Conseil.

Chicoutimi l'hiver

This is the region that suffered from the terrible floods of 1996. The little white house that stubbornly defied the raging waters still stands but its occupants have left since the area is considered to be a hazard zone. The house is still an impressive sight. The scars left behind when the torrents divided the city are still visible.

Jonquière . . . and its main attractions :
  • The Centre d'histoire Sir-William-Price, a pioneer of the paper industry;
  • The Centre national d'exposition;
  • The Park and Promenade de la Rivière-aux-Sables, both are free;
  • The aluminium bridge, weighing 163 tons, one third of an identical steel bridge. Built in 1950, it's unique in the world;
  • The lac Kénogami, an ideal spot for a change of scenery.
  • This beautiful city vibrates with music with the "Québec Issime" show and "Jonquière en musique" festival.

Baie Éternité
Baie Éternité

For most Quebecers, this region represents... the capital of blueberries.
bleut du lac st-jean This small blue fruit grows abundantly in this region, and all its inhabitants are very proud of it. Some of them will tell you that it takes 4 berries to make a pie! You'll quickly realize that these imaginative and colorful people have a tendancy to exagerate, except for the flavour, because Lac-Saint-Jean blueberries are really tasteful.

But exageration and size are part of this territory :
  • a lake the size of a sea;
  • forests as far as you can see;
  • mountains that seems to touch the sky;
  • and people with a colorful accent who welcome you like a friend.

Chute Val-Jalbert
Val Jalbert Falls

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