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The Portal of Quebec - Laurentides
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Tourist Guide of Quebec

Discover the true nature of the Laurentides! The region of the Laurentides is the perfect outdoor destination in every season. Its lakes, mountains and numerous attractions will guarantee you the perfect vacation. Hope to see you soon!

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Prefabricated home of Quebec

Located North of Montreal, the area owes its name to historian François-Xavier Garneau who named it in 1845. The "Laurentians" place-name reminds us that the mountains lie parallel to the St.Lawrence River. The area covers close to 22 000 square kilometers.

The Laurentians extend-West to East, from the limits of the Outaouais area to the boundaries of the Lanaudière and the Mauricie areas. They are only minutes away from Montreal and Laval. The international airport of Montreal located at Mirabel and a significant network of highways serve the area.


Views from Lac des Sables

Lac des Sables

The Colonization of the Laurentians

The concession of the first land grants goes back to 1673. The then governor, Frontenac, granted 4 seigniories, Terrebonne, des Mille Iles, Deux-Montagnes, and Argenteuil . The American Loyalists settled on the banks of the Outaouais River as early as 1785. Between 1803 and 1805, the first paper-mill in Canada opened its doors. The Revoll of the Patriots in 1837 played an important role in Quebec's history.

«King of the North»
A significant name in the history of Quebec is at the origin of the colonization of the Laurentians: the priest Antoine Labelle called the " King of the North ".
In 1840 the situation in the seigniories is at its worst, young people choose the exile to the United States, at this point in time the priest Labelle goes up the North river by boat to conquer the Pays-d'en-Haut, the North of the Laurentians seems to him like the promised land for its people. One owes him the arrival of The P'tit Train du Nord (Railroad) which, which as from 1909, allowed the intensification of the economic links with the Montreal area. He will have founded during his ministry a score of parishes. In 1888, the Prime Minister at the time, Honore Mercier appointed him deputy minister of colonization.

Maison Laurentides

The presence of the First Nations
Archaeological excavations at the beach of Oka, made it possible to find traces of an American indian occupation, 4000 years B.C.. The First Nations people, mainly Algonquines, hunted for the survival of their people in the forests of this vast territory. During the 19th century, the American Indian travelled on the rivers of the area for their fur-trading activities.
Montagne Laurentides Water: A source of Work and Leisure
The forestry development started about 1835 and the first sawmills appeared at the end of the 1870's.

Today, the rivers and the lakes (more than 4500) of the area are nature lover's delights and sporting activities are the main attractions.

Nautical activities :
  • Swimming
  • Sail boards
  • Sailin
  • Canoeing
  • Pedalo
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Sea-dooing
  • Scuba diving
  • Rafting
  • Water glides
  • Aquatic Park
  • Horseback Riding

  Cruises are also offered.

Storm of Activities

Winter Kingdom
During wintertime, the Laurentians cast their magic spell when a pure white blanket of snow covers the landscape. You can practice:


For the reckless ones, see the area from a hydroplane or go parachute jumping.
An exhilarating challenge. And don’t forget ice fishing: throw your line in the hole and wait… you will be rewarded. Winter is always fascinating in the Laurentides.

Une tempête d'activités
vous attend!

A storm of activities awaits you!
Sentier hiver You will love snowmobile riding along our many trails. Some local companies are even specialized in motorized sports. Horse riding is very present and many show jumping events occur each year. Hiking and bicycling are also very popular.

Discovering a nation?

The living past

With the turning of a small country road, you will have the surprise to discover an imposing architectural and cultural unit. A covered bridge, an old saw mill, churches which speak to us about yesterday and of its first newcomers. Moreover, there are several museums and centers of interpretation for those who wish to look further into their knowledge of the area, the practices and the habits of our ancestors...
The antique dealers also reveal them with their manners, the history of the people founder.

The nature quite present

Although the area of Laurentians is only at a few minutes of Montreal, it nevertheless learned how to keep a close contact with nature.
You will find on this territory, ZEC (Controlled Zones of Exploitation) and outfitters, natural reserves, among which the faunal reserve Rouge-Matawin et Papineau-Labelle. You will be able to camp in odorous forests and to discover the pleasures of the life in full nature with the songs of the birds which wake you up in the early morning. The golf amateurs will be charmed by the beauty of the landscapes and the exceptional quality of the greens.

Golf Mont-Tremblant

The country in the city

The food industry is essential in this imposing landscape. Dairy, bovine and market-gardening farms are some examples. Since the first signs of spring, all and each the sugar shacks. Later, in the season, it will be possible for you to gather juicy strawberries and raspberries. With the autumn, season of apples, the family meets for one day of pleasure to play all around the apple trees and at the end of the day, you will comeback too your premise with a lighter heart.
Varied infrastructures

Arts and culture

Laurentides has also a cultural life that invites you to come and discover their many theatres, showrooms, art galleries and museums.
The creative craftsmen will surprise you by their imagination and their concern for details.

Village Mont-Tremblant

Restaurant and lodging

The Laurentides region has a vast network of accommodations, its classified on the second rank in the province of Quebec for the number of hotel establishments. Whether you are looking for a calm and peaceful inn or multifonctional place with integrated tourist activities, you are sure to find exactly what you wish. The area has the necessary installations for conventions. There are many restaurants, obviously all types of cooking are present.


For those who would prefer to be pampered, there are many Health Spas Centers.

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