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The Portal of Quebec
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Tourist Guide of Quebec

Welcome in the Old Capital! Here, modern buildings contrast with the ancestral architecture of the houses and remind you that Québec was the first colonized city in North America. Let us tell you this wonderful adventure!

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The Greater Quebec Area Tourist Region, bordered on the South by the St.Lawrence River, is located in the South Central part of the Province of Quebec. It includes The Greater Quebec City Area, and has more than half a million residents, primarily French speaking.
This area is divided into four Multi-County Regional Municipalities (MRC) and one city.

Quebec City incorporates 8 districts, located on the North side of the St.Lawrence (native Quebeckers "the Quebecois" often identify themselves as being from «The North Shore» or «The South Shore», depending upon which side of the river they live).

Chateau Frontenac Québec

The Multi-County Regional Municipalities are:

Quebec! Is it a country, a province, a region, a city or a community? The name can cause a great deal of confusion, at least for non-residents.

The fact is that there are many ways to interpret the meaning of the word «Québec»: Province of Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec Metropolitan Region (Quebec Tourist Area and two South Shore MRCs), Quebec Tourist Area (the one that we are referring to) and finally the administrative Region of Quebec.
Consequently, when you arrive in Quebec City, you are in the Province of Quebec. When speaking about Quebec City, the Quebecois have coined descriptive terminology. Depending upon the context to which they are referring (topography, history, day-to-day life, archeology, culture ...) the city takes on a different name (The Old City, The Old Capital, The Lower-Town, the Upper-Town, or Old Quebec)!!!

Parlement de québec

"Located where the river narrows, Quebec City has survived
four centuries of tumultuous history."

Vue de la ville de québec

Quebec has one of North America's richest historical legacies.

Quebec's earliest population included Native Americans, as well as settlers from France and England. This probably explains why "les quebecois" are so warm and welcoming. The name "Quebec", from "Kebec" in the Algonquin (Native American) language means: "Where the river narrows".

View from a balcony of the Hôtel Terrasse Dufferin

Considered for a long time as the most likely passage to the continent, the Quebec region was successively conquered by the French, then the English, and invaded by the Americans.

The whole situation led to Quebec City receiving special favors in military defense and fortification matters, with these defenses being integrated harmoniously into its contemporary architecture. The area offers five of the Province's ten classified historical sites.
Your stay in the Quebec Region is an excellent investment, especially if you wish to bring back memories of happy holidays, natural landscapes, photos...

What's more, in most of the municipalities (and towns) of the region you'll discover: churches, monuments and historical buildings of all kinds, as well as ancestral homes. The historic surroundings of Quebec City, like the Charlevoix Region's Biosphere Reserve, are a part of UNESCO's Worldwide Heritage List.

Place d'armes

Carnaval d'hiver The Quebec City Area boasts a varied and active cultural life: with theaters, (live performances) shows, cinemas, opera, a symphony orchestra and many museums. Residents and visitors are invited to participate in popular festivals, such as:

The Winter Carnival
The Summer Festival
The "Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France" Festival

The Quebec City Area is a unique region, offering in seemingly limitless spaces, the advantages of urban living, and the charms of rural life ...

The Quartier Petit-Champlain neighbourhood is unique in North America. On the shore of the St.Lawrence River, bordering Place Royale and the Quebec Old Port, it hosts the oldest church, the oldest street and… the oldest commercial district on the continent. Shopping in the Quartier Petit-Champlain, you will discover boutiques such as you will rarely find anywhere else. Arts and crafts, collectors' items, designers clothing, confectioner's shops, glass-working factories, it's the ideal place to come up with an original gift, an unusual decorative object or a distinctive piece of clothing, in a setting filled with history, strolling through narrow cobblestoned streets between centuries-old houses. Between your discoveries, you can relax in a café, a restaurant or a bistro, and quietly enjoy all that this unusual place has to offer.

Quebec - an infinite number of leisure activities, and places to stay beckon you!
The choices are yours to make:



Église Petit Champlain

Promenade Dufferin

For those who want a little more, there is "le Site Culturel Amérindien Tsonontwan", that lets you visit ancestral lands of Tsie8ei Hurons.

In any case, your visit to the region, with its numerous leisure sites, will be unforgettable; thanks to the many:



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