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Portail du Québec
The Portal of Quebec
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Tourist Guide of Quebec

Welcome in the Old Capital! Here, modern buildings contrast with the ancestral architecture of the houses and remind you that Québec was the first colonized city in North America. Let us tell you this wonderful adventure!

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Practical Tourist Information

Welcome, here is some useful information for travelling, staying over or phoning in the Quebec region

Access modes:

Historically, the St-Lawrence river has always been the privileged doorway to the north-american continent. Now, we can count on an international airport, railroads and an important network of roads that link Quebec with the rest of the province, the continent and finally, the rest of the world.

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How to call Quebec

For long distance calls:
1) International code of the country (Canada): 1 or 01
2) Code for the Quebec area: 418
3) Code for the Montreal area: 514
4) Telephone number of the person you wish to talk to (7 numbers)

Thousands of ways to travel across Quebec, with or without money!

For small and midsize budgets
Quebec being a city that can be discovered on foot, contrary to many cities of North America, comfortable shoes are advised (water-resistant shoes should be considered).
It is also possible to rent bicycles and scooters.

The bus service (public transit) functions very well (15 to 30 minutes of waiting time between each bus, in general). They can be recognize by their blue stripes on white a surface and by their STCUQ logo (Société de Transport de la Communauté Urbaine de Québec). Timetables and tickets are avalaible in every bus and in many variety stores. In 1995,a one-way ticket cost about $2 canadian.

For midsize to large budgets
The most fortunate can enjoy limousine services (long and very comfortable cars) or taxis.

For everyone
Many cruises are avalaible on the St-Lawrence river, guided city tours, as well as carriage rides.

Currency (Current exchange rate)

The legal tender is the canadian dollar, divided into 100 cents. One cent is called here «a sous».

Climate (Daily weather)

Continental and humid in springtime (summertime as well), bring along an extra garment for fresh evenings and windy days.

Tourism office

By telephone: (1) (418) 649-2608
By fax: (1) (418) 522-0830

You can get a tourist guide by phoning there.
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