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Portail du Québec
The Portal of Quebec
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Tourist Guide of Quebec

In Place Royale and Quartier Petit-Champlain, you will dive into the heart of the French civilisation of North America. Visit also the Old Port, where huge cruise ships dock every fall.

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Old Quebec/Downtown

Old Quebec/Downtown: Champlain chose this location to plant the seeds of French civilisation in North America

The district is bordered to the West by the Dufferin-Montmorency highway, to the North by the mouth of the Saint-Charles river, to the East by the St-Lawrence river and to the South by the end of the Petit Champlain district.

Old Quebec/Downtown is caracterized by its remodeled port area (Vieux-Port district), and its international historical reputation Petit-Champlain


Petit Champlain escalier

Place de Paris

This part of Finlay Market st. was named in 1988, in honor of the gift of the Paris City sculpture to Quebec City. The Place de Paris is in a way the flip side of Place du Québec in Paris.

Petit Champlain église Place Royale

Located between Cap Diamant and the St-Lawrence river, Place Royale is the site of the first permanent homes in New France. It is the cradle of the French civilization in North America. This historical site cannot leave you indifferent...

In addition to historical sites, this district has many infrastructures

Among these installations:

  • Port installations
  • Remodeled old port
  • Bassin Louise: marina, public market
  • Railway station
  • Museum of Civilization
  • Pay Elevator
  • Quebec-Levis ferry.


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