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Cap Blanc is nestled between the cliff of Cap Diamant and the St. Lawrence River. Here are lovely ancestral houses, gathered in a cozy little village, once inhabited by fishermen and Port workers. The village is worth the stop.

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At Cap Blanc: «we are at the village.»

Cap-Blanc is bordered to the North by the famous Cap Diamant cliff, to the South by the St-Lawrence river and to the West by Sillery, Quebec's adjacent city. Its population is estimated at 800 residents.

Upon arrival at Cap-Blanc, you will be pleasantly surprised by the small town nature of the site. However, two commercial streets, parallel to the St-Lawrence, Champlain and Champlain avenue, cross the village.

In the XIXth century, Cap-Blanc was an exiguous refuge for the french workers of the port

In the XIXth century, Cap-Blanc was an exiguous refuge for the french workers of the port
At a time when Quebec was one of the largest ports alongside New York and Boston, the shipyards were operating at full capacity. The immigrants pouring in to supply manpower were staying near the river banks. The Dead-End, Petit-Champlain and Champlain streets were for the most part the prefered choices. The francophones established themselves in Cap-Blanc, while the anglophones established themselves in the area between Place Royale and Cap-Blanc.

Since 1877, the small Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde church is part of the scenery. According to archivist Pierre-Georges Roy , the origins of the name Cap-Blanc come from an American Indian toponym reflecting the primitive appearance of that part of the cape where the church was built.

In addition to the romantic character of its country style, Cap-Blanc offers installations like:

  • Du Foulon harbour Installation
  • Linear park
  • The longest stairway to get to the Upper-Town.


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