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Tourist Guide of Quebec

Welcome in the Old Capital! Here, modern buildings contrast with the ancestral architecture of the houses and remind you that Québec was the first colonized city in North America. Let us tell you this wonderful adventure!

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Districts of the era (Summary)

The districts of the era were located in the Lower-Town and Upper-Town areas (They were, with Limoilou and Des Rivières, the four administratives areas of Quebec).

The Upper-Town area includes Cap-Diamant. The abondance of recreational and tourist installations as well as the important institutionnal presence gives it a reputation of prestige and quality. Old-Quebec/Upper-Town is classified historically as representing an era.

The Lower-Town area stretches from the foot of Cap-Blanc cliff to the Old-Port. In contrast to Upper-Town, its environment is recognized as being unequal in quality and being of higher density in terms of occupation. It is common place to see a row of buildings of three or four storeys. Old-Quebec/Lower-Town and Cap-Blanc are also districts classified as representing an era.

A tale to tell

Crouched at the foot of Cap Diamant, Lower-Town takes on, with the arrival of Samuel de Champlain, in 1608, a commercial and harbour look. From the top of its promontory, Upper-Town attracts mainly the religious and administrative institutions which, during the XVIIIth century, will be framed in and protected by a fortified wall.
Until the end of the XIXth century, the port, markets and boutiques animated the Lower-Town, while military life was in full swing alongside monasteries and convents in Upper-Town.

A «jewel» enriched by 4 centuries of history delivered to the international community

«Including nearly the entire historical zone as designated in 1963, the Old-Quebec and Cap-Blanc districts possess architectural treasures, that led to recognition by UNESCO in 1985. It's nearly four centuries of history that this «jewel» reveals to the international community.»

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